If you are looking for professional support for MooseFS please visit this page:


The best way to get free help with Moose File System is by sending email to its mailing list at:

You can also subscribe to this mailing list at:


And if you want to check the archive, please visit:


When sending a question please remember to write:

  • what version of MooseFS you use

  • what operating system is on the master server, chunk servers and clients

  • what files system (ext3, ext4, xfs, etc.) is on the master server, chunk servers and clients

If you'd like to join us or other users on IRC:

  • Webchat: Go to, choose your nickname and click Connect button. If you already have a registered nickname, don't forget to check "Auth to services" and give your credentials.
  • IRC client (xchat, weechat, epic, mirc, you name it): First properly configure your client (nickname, etc.) Join a freenode server: /server if using IPV4 or /server for IPV6. Join the channel: /join #moosefs

For a more detailled help, please see and your IRC client documentation.


If you want to submit feature request write it here:


If you want to submit bug release please write it here:

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