Moose File System v 1.6.24 released

Finally, after quite a long break, we release next stable version 1.6.24. Most important changes include:

  • There is no more filesize limit of 2TiB, now a file can occupy up to 128PiB
  • Chunkservers do not check attributes of every chunk during initialization which speeds up starting of CS
  • Added 'test' command - checks if process is running and returns its PID
  • Added lockfile/pidfile and actions such as 'start', 'stop','restart' and 'test' for mfscgiserv
  • Added simple net topology support ("rack awareness") - please have a look at mfstopology.cfg
  • In case of an error (including a case of no space left on master hdd) master server saves metadata file to alternative locations
  • Added hidden files '.oplog' and '.ophistory' with detailed information about current/historical operations performed by mfsmount - it is possible to read pid/uid/gid and operation type on the file made by the client
  • Now a password for mounting can be kept in mfsmount.cfg (instead of fstab, which was readable by everyone)
  • Introduced symlink cache on client (mfsmount) side
  • Fixed problem with frequent connections to the master server. Now it is not necessary to establish new connection while creating many snapshots or using mfstools (proxy in mount for mfstools)

IMPORTANT: Metadata format has not changed, but if you start to have files bigger than 2TiB it won't be possible to downgrade to 1.6.20.
The recommended upgrade order is as usual: mfsmaster, then metaloggers, then chunkservers and at last client machines.


2012-03-15 09:00 by Michał Borychowski MooseFS MooseFS (comments: 6)

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Comment by shawn cao | 2012-04-10

many thanks , a chinese system administrator.

Comment by Julien Ammous | 2012-03-30

Nice I was also afraid the project was dead !

I checked rack awareness but I am a bit disappointed, I thought it would allow me to ensure chunks copies were not in the same rack but it appears that is not what it is...
So I am really puzzled on what is this thing and its goal xD

Comment by Anon | 2012-03-26

the observant can find the direct link here:


Comment by mARK | 2012-03-23

is there a description of what "rack awareness" means in mfs? i did a simple test of the assumption (and hope) that files would be distributed to have at least one copy in each server group, but that did not happen.

Comment by Giovanni Lopedote | 2012-03-20

Many thanks for driving a great project, which in the available reviews, at present, shows to be one of the most stable and performing opensource distributed replicated fault-tolerant file systems.
I'm very happy with the updated roadmap - in fact, due to lack of updates, I was afraid the project would have gone dead.

Now this is still going to be opensource going forward, right? If so, can I please have a download link that does not require me to agree on your use of my own company logo?


Comment by zhenghh | 2012-03-20