MooseFS 1.6.27-5 released

We have released the next 1.6.27-5 version of MooseFS that you can download here. The most important changes include:

  • (master) limiting chunkserver disconnections
  • (master) fixed network connnection timeouting
  • (metarestore) added percent of progress
  • (metarestore) removed internal debug output
  • (mount) fixed very rare segfault
  • (master) changed algoritm of choosing servers for write new chunks

The recommended upgrade order is as usual: mfsmaster, then metaloggers, then chunkservers and at last client machines.


This is the last release in 1.6.x branch. We are preparing for the release of branch 2.0.x which will no longer be distributed under GPL license. MooseFS will now have two editions:

  • MooseFS Community Edition (CE)
  • MooseFS Pro (with paid technical support)

 The features introduced in the new version will include:

  • multimaster HA (only in MooseFS Pro)
  • performance enhancements
  • quota mechanism
  • support for Extended Attributes
  • mfscli tool (command line interface, Python3.x compatible)

2014-02-10 13:05 by Michał Borychowski MooseFS MooseFS (comments: 1)

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