MooseFS 3.0.77 - Stable Release

Dear MooseFS Users,


We are excited to announce that today, after extensive internal testing, we have released the stable version of MooseFS 3.0.77 (Pro and Community).


With MooseFS 3.0.77 release we introduce great new features:

  • Storage Classes for better data distribution and redundancy management,
  • Global locks support compatible with POSIX ioctl() and lockf() semantics and BSD compatible flock() semantics, 
  • New I/O synchronisation mechanism between different mounts, for better handling concurrent I/O operations from different clients,
  • ATMM (Automatic Temporary Maintenance Mode),
  • Automatic File "sparsification".


We have already started working on version 4.0.x, that soon should be available in our current repository (development version). MooseFS 4.0.x, among other features, will allow to store data in Distributed RAID organisation.

Best regards,

MooseFS Team


2016-06-08 14:56 by Krzysztof Kielak MooseFS MooseFS (comments: 2)

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Comment by Piotr Robert Konopelko | 2016-09-09

Hi Phillip,

just use:


deb precise main


Best regards,
Peter from MooseFS Team

Comment by Philipp Kaiser | 2016-06-08

Dear Mr. Kielak,

first of all, congratulations for the release of the next stable version! I write this comment because I need to know where I can get the old 2.x packets. We use this ppa:

deb precise main

I know it had the 2.x packets yesterday, but now it has only the 3.x versions which are incompatible to our 100+ machines infrastructure. Can you point me to a packet source where I still can get them?

Kind regards,