MooseFS GitHub Project

Dear MooseFS Community,



We are extremely pleased to announce, that MooseFS has been released on GitHub.

At the moment, the repository contains two branches: master (for currently developed version, that as of today happens to be MooseFS 3.0.x) and 2.0.x (containing MooseFS 2.0.x).

If you want to contribute to MooseFS, we encourage you to do so by using GitHub's bug tracker.

Pull requests guidelines and requirements will be published soon.

If you like MooseFS and want to support it - please star the project or watch it on GitHub.

Best regards,
MooseFS Team


root@test:~# cat /mnt/mfs/.mooseart
 \_\            /_/
    \_\_    _/_/
       (__)        )
        ``\    __  |
           ||-'  `||
           ||     ||
           ""     ""

2016-03-09 07:24 by Piotr Robert Konopelko MooseFS MooseFS (comments: 1)

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Comment by Taylor Brazelton | 2016-05-16

This is super exciting! Maybe I can actually contribute or something one day. Also, Github issues are a bit easier to use IMHO.