Technical Support for MooseFS

With this post we would like to share some great news about MooseFS:

  1. MooseFS has worldwide professional technical support on the enterprise level which is provided by our company Core Technology. You can find all necessary details on the website
  2. Next stable version 1.6.24 will be released this week!
  3. We updated our roadmap, check out the modifications here.

2012-03-12 02:49 by Michał Borychowski MooseFS MooseFS (comments: 3)

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Comment by li | 2012-10-22

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/opt/app/moosefs/sbin/mfscgiserv", line 300, in run_cgi
File "/opt/app/moosefs/share/mfscgi/mfs.cgi", line 129
return "%s%.1f%s" % (("~" if n!=rn else ""),rn,s)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
mfs 1.6.26

Comment by baya | 2012-03-14

good luck!!!

Comment by Mehdi | 2012-03-14

Wow ! This is very good news indeed.
Thanks ...